Top of  the Rock, Rockefeller Center LGBTQ+ Engagement Session

Mary & Natalie

Have you ever watched one of those classic, old movies where the couple makes the big romantic gesture to meet at an iconic location in New York City? It's usually the on top of some big building or in the middle of a crowded bridge. Always something grand. One of them always gets there first as the camera follows their path, searching through a sea of strangers or standing out in the cold late at night. Your heart is beating as fast as theirs, and even though you know this is a fiction story, you're still wishing along with the main character that they'll lock eyes with the person they're looking for. They build up the suspense, almost to the point that you think they'll be stood up, but then at the very last minute, that person arrives, and the music swells and they hug and kiss and all is right with the world.

Although real life usually isn't like that...I'm a photographer and photograph love for a living so yeah, we can make life like that sometimes. Photographing Mary and Natalie at the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center was one of those magical moments!

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