Let's tell your story!

As a trained documentary photographer, my goal is to tell your love story. That might mean bright colors and laughter while you're cutting It up on the dance floor. It might be an Intimate ceremony on the Amalfi Coast. Your love story might be on a New York City, rooftop overlooking Manhattan, feeling the energetic buzz of city life. Your love has brought you here, let's tell your store, together.

hey, I'm Rachel

Baltimore, MD | New York, NY

Film photographer, based out of Baltimore, Maryland and New York City. Photographing modern couples in beautiful places, capturing your moments, fashion, and love. I'm always down for a good party and no adventure can ever be too big! Small ceremonies to large parties, local venue to world travels. If I can bring my film cameras, then I'm down!


We are extremely grateful for your support during COVID-19! We may not be able to see each other in person right now (which completely bums us out), but we're excited to see you in the future! We'd love to take your family, love, or engagement portraits, photograph your brand and products, or even have your future elopement or wedding paid for and planned! Let's use this time to get creative, plan our vision, and get hype for your future shoot with us! Send a gift card to a loved one of keep for yourself! All sessions are shot on fine art film and processed at the highest quality! Click on the picture to the left of one of our fabulous clients and you'll be directed to purchase one of our specially priced gift cards!

Special Gift Card Price Menu
$250 - 1 Hour Film Portrait Session
$500 - 2 Hour Film Portrait Session
$1,200 - 4 Hour Elopement Package
$2,500 - 6 Hour Wedding Package

Your brand is you!

You are as unique as your brand! As an owner of two businesses, I know how important it is to show the world who you are and what you can offer. Your brand, down to the images you share with the world to your mission statement, speaks to your essence and the magic you spread through your vision and business. 
I work with brands who share my desire for integrity, passion, and love of what we do! 

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