Washington, D.C. Forest Elopement

Kanza & Jonathan

Oh boy, what can I say about Kanza and Jonathan's FREAKING MAGICAL elopement to the woods??? I'm a total sucker for doing whatever the heck you want for your wedding day, and even though the pandemic kept them from celebrating their day with their family, Kanza and Jonathan took to the woods for a beautiful afternoon. Kanza, in her gorgeous black, laced gown and Jonathan In his maroon suit...this couple embodied all fall vibes.

A little about the lovely couple, Kanza and Jonathan met in grad school, but then they found jobs in two different states. Although their goal is to live together, they're long distance for now..Kanza just came in to town for their wedding weekend. They're the kind of couple who make you believe In long distance, true love, unicorns, fairies...all of those magical things.

Even though it was a rainy day, Kanza and Jonathan still wanted to go on their adventure. We met up at Rock Creek Park in D.C., umbrellas and picnics In hand. We voyaged on a rainy, fall hike, stopping along the way whenever we came across a location we liked, chatting about life goals and travels. After a while, we stopped for snacks, little cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and chocolate chip dough balls. Kanza put on Jonathan's boutonniere, and then we went on our way to finish the rest of the hike!

Right before sunset, we finally made it to our destination, Boulder Bridge, for their ceremony. A fun fact about D.C. is one of the few locations you can self-officiate your own wedding (other states being Colorado, California, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin). Kanza and Jonathan exchanged their vows with the most autumnal scene behind them that I've ever seen! After their hand written vows, some laughs, and a few tears, they were married! We popped some bubbly, had a little picnic, then started to find our way back. 

Tips for Planning an Elopement:

1. Find your photographer - this is the most Important part of your elopement! Your photographer will not only document your day and possibly be the only other person with you, but they'll probably suggest most or all of your other vendors. They also know of beautiful locations and the secret spots to make your elopement magical! 

2. Officiant or self-officiate? - Who marries you can be a special job. You can ask a friend or a family member to officiate your wedding, you could self-officiate if you're in a state where it's legal, or you could even hire my boyfriend, Nate, who officiates elopements with me all the time!

3. Choose what you'll wear! - since an elopement is already pretty non-traditional, so your outfits can be as unique as you are! Want to wear a black gown? Go for it! Want to get married in matching sweatsuits? Do it! Want your photographer to photograph you two jumping on a hotel bed and drinking champagne? Let's go! Bring your accessories, bring whatever you want, because it's your day!

4. Plan for a weekday - most photographers are only available for elopements on weekdays, unless you elopement is destination or a full day. 

5. Have fun with it! - your elopement can be as big or as small as you want. You can have a scheduled day or just go with whatever happens! It's your unique day!

Email me if you want to schedule your elopement with me!

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