Central Park Summer Engagement Session

Gabriela & Patrick

New York City. Either the most magical place in the world or the loudest, dirtiest, and most crowded...I fall into the first category. My dream In high school was to move to New York City and study photography and art and anything I wanted, and then I did! I spent 4 years living in Queens and Manhattan, and although I'm based back in Baltimore, MD where I grew up, I still manage to get back to my home away from home at least every other month. The beauty of New York City is there's always a new restaurant or activity popping up, but there's also classic history. The MET, Central Park, the East Village, Grand Central...the list goes on and on. Feeling the connection of the past, present, and future by just walking past pedestrians in mid town, people watching in Washington Square Park, sitting on a subway wondering where people were going. It's a city that can make you feel very small and that anything is possible all at the same time. Anyway, enough on my love letter to New York City...let's talk about Gabriela and Patrick.


Photography: Rachel V King Lifestyle / @rachelvkinglifestyle
Film Developing: The Find Lab / @thefindlab

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